Rates for services

Lots of options for payment. Get in touch to discuss your unique situation.


  • 20 minute phone consultation – free
  • 50 minute counseling session in my office – $100
  • 50 minute walk-and-talk counseling session outside – $100
  • 50 minute counseling/private yoga session in your home – $100
  • 50 minute parent consultation/family counseling session – $100
  • sliding scale for select clients


Group counseling sessions range from $20 – $50 a session based on the group. Rates change based on the cost of material preparation and facilitators required for an expressive approach. Details about cost are available on group outreach fliers.

Yoga classes range from free to $20 a class. Rates are based on local yoga studio established prices, community organization subsidization, and the fact that I sometimes offer blessing classes at no cost!


I am currently accepting BCBS and private pay clients and can accept HSA and FSA account payment. I am also happy to provide you with information to file for out-of-network benefits.

I have always thought of counseling as a very private experience, and when insurance is used for mental health services, it is kind of like having a third person in the room for an intimate conversation. Although insurance is great because it can save you money, you have to give up some privacy for that convenience and the insurance company has some say in the treatment plan. So many people choose to pay for mental health services out-of-pocket.

Specifically, insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis (like Major Depression or Anxiety Disorder) in order to approve sessions and this diagnosis remains a part of your permanent record. Although informal diagnosis can be helpful in guiding treatment plans, when formalized it can have a negative affect on a client. Insurance companies also require information about our sessions in the form of a progress report that opens up a third party to what was shared confidentially in session. Finally, they may stop coverage based on their criteria, not on a decision we make together, which can pose a major barrier to progress.

Please give me a call with questions. I’d be happy to discuss your unique situation in person or during a free phone consultation!

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