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Expressive Hearts Counseling specializes providing a variety of services to improve mental health and wellness that center an expressive approach to growth, change, and healing processes.

Active, creative, experiential, and mind-body methods of self-exploration are helpful for some people, such as adolescents, survivors of trauma and loss, young adults, active and kinetic learners and older adults, to fully express their experiences. Plus, they are a wonderful way for anyone to get to know themselves from a new perspective!

My philosophy is about providing caring, professional, and creative counseling services and educational opportunities that empower individuals to gain the insight and knowledge necessary to take positive actions in their lives.



Owner & Counselor

Dr. Allison Davis, or “Dr. Alli” as some of her clients call her, has over 10 years of experience in the human services field focusing on issues of mental health and wellness with a special focus on working with girls and young women to reach their full potential. Her passion for facilitating growth in others came at an early age when she volunteered at a women’s shelter while in high school. Allison went on to get her Bachelors in an interdisciplinary program at Penn state and a Masters in Community Counseling and a Doctorate in the field of Women’s Studies from Texas Woman’s University. She has completed advanced training in expressive arts techniques appropriate for people of all ages in touch (or who want to get in touch) with their inner creator. She is a trauma-focused counselor with specialized certifications in treating posttraumatic stress, including EMDR. She is also a trauma-informed trainer available to local organizations interested in adopting a therapeutic approach to difficult child/adolescent behavior. Basically, she loves being able to play a role in helping people of all ages thrive!

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